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Join the citizens of Garehime Heights as we will be Traveling To Success on the Garehime Express for the 2007-2008 school year.  Hop aboard our own special train “The Garehime Express”.  Our adventure will take us from Nevada to Alaska as we learn about the trailblazers, history, environment, culture and arts of each city we study during our journey.  The citizens will participate in relevant, meaningful and real world experiences that provide them opportunities to apply and master grade level state standards and the district’s academic expectancies for each subject area.  The school has been transformed into the Garehime Express for this exciting journey by rail through our western states.   


Our town and our community, Garehime Heights include the Garehime Heights’ city council, bank, post office, newspaper, radio and TV stations, EPA, bakery, florist, bookstore, Port of Subs, a variety of small classroom and student owned businesses and a court system.


The court system ensures that the citizens are in a safe and nurturing environment.  The “laws of the land” are the lifelong guidelines, lifeskills, and schoolwide and classroom procedures.  If a citizen does not demonstrate “a law of the land,” he or she is issued a GREAT change and is summoned to court.  The citizen is provided a court appointed attorney and is given an opportunity to plea his or her case.  Consequences are earned by the citizen based on the decision during court.  The court system is run by both elected and selected members of the student body who consistently demonstrate GREAT citizenship, and have received training for their positions.


We are confident to say that the 2007-2008 school year will be another “successful” year  for all our citizens.   


- Mrs. Francie Summers, Principal

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Look at the Garehime Express below to see where we will travel this year!


1998 through 2008

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Text Box: Garehime Elementary School - This micro-community which opened in August, 1998 used Integrated Thematic Instruction (ITI) and emphasized the use of the lifeskills.  Learning was accomplished through the effective use of the BodyBrain Compatible Components and the understanding of the Multiple Intelligences.  Combining with MicroSociety®, this school became a true “model school” from 1998 - 2008.  Through the guidance of Mrs. Summers, the teachers at Edith Garehime Elementary were empowered to develop a truly unique learning environment in which the students created their own businesses known as ventures and agencies. “It is a tribute to the ongoing dedication of these teachers that allows this program to continue today.”

Mrs. Summers retired as principal after 10 years at Garehime Elementary and 35 years as a teacher, consultant and principal with the Clark County School District.

This is a just a small sample of how the citizens and teachers of Edith Garehime Elementary were empowered to become a model school for the 21st century.

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